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  • Ready for an absurd story about a cash advance?
  • Want to learn about a cash advance in an interesting manner?
  • We thought you might be, which is why we have crafted this semi-sensical and completely fictional story about the effects of borrowing a cash advance.

Who knew stacking them cans would give me a shot at a cash advance?!

I never saw myself needing any payday advances. But I needed my bike back and I needed it now.

It is really not that complicated a situation. If I didn't love my bike so much, I could have gotten a cash advance and just walked to Mr Vincent's bike store and gotten a new one, but that was my bike that I had made so very excellent with its horn and its light and its siren and its streamers! But I had to find my bike, and that meant I needed to get money for the bus to Mullberry, where I'd heard it was going to with that guy with the overalls!

"You can get a loan from there, little man," he told me. (For more logical musing regarding a loan, sort through other sections of our site, using the links we have provided to help you do so. We felt as though this was an important disclaimer before moving on to the following supposed insight.)

I was confused but knew I could confide in this man.

"What's a cash advance loan, Big Louie? Is it similar at all to personal loans?"

Big Louie tells all about the cash advance hookups

"Awww, little man, you're joking! You've never head of a payday cash advance? They're really great. First of all, you gotta have a job and you work at the grocery store, right?"

"I do! I stack cans!" And I did stack them. A lot of them and very well I might add. Is that good enough for cash advances?

"No. If you are working that's all good. That's great, man. Now, you're gonna want to have proof of that, so get a paycheck stub and your ID - you don't have a driver's license, do you? That's all that's required in order to acquire an effective online advance."

"No, but does my Captain Pete's Stabbing Cabin Pirate Club card count?"

"No, to get a cash advance, you have to have a state issued ID. You got one when you had to fly to New York that time, right?"

The end.

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